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It’s Tyler here from  I hope you’ve been enjoying my blog and reading about my trips and my attraction reviews.  Today, I’m going to answer a common question:  What should I know when taking a baby to Walt Disney World?

I know, I know.  I’m not a baby anymore.  But I was a baby once.  So I feel I have some pretty good advice if you’re taking a baby to Disney.  So let’s get started

Tyler's First Flight
Tyler’s First Flight


If possible have your own vehicle.  Disney transportation (particularly buses) can be unreliable so you will have much greater control of your schedule if you have your own vehicle.  Plus cabs and Ubers may not have car seats.  You can always rent a car.


If you won’t have a vehicle, consider staying on-site at a Disney hotel.  Thus you’ll have access to the airport bus which will take you to and from the airport, and Disney’s internal transportation network which will take you to and from hotels and parks.


Kids under 3 eat free at the buffets.  You can always share food from your plate at a non-buffet restaurant.

Character meals are a great way for your baby to meet characters without having to wait in line out in the heat or cold.

Yum! Tyler eating Ice Cream
Yum! Tyler eating Ice Cream


Disney is great about accommodating guests.  If you have any special needs, such as needing warm water for making a bottle, foods to be pureed, or dietary needs like allergies, they usually accommodate without problems

Tyler on Teacups Ride
Tyler on Teacups Ride


Some of the indoor rides may have dark or loud elements that may scare young children.  These include Pirates of the Caribbean and the Great Movie Ride.  The cast members can usually tell you which rides have loud or scary elements.

Some of the most enjoyable parts of the theme park for young babies are the parades and the character interactions.  

There are baby centers in each park which provide quiet places for feeding, changing, and napping.  They are usually located in the front of the park.  They also sell some supplies if you’re in a pinch but the selection is extremely limited.

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There are changing tables in all the restrooms.  However, the one in the woman’s room is always being used but the one in the men’s room is never used.  So get dad to change the diapers.

Bring something to cover your stroller when it rains so it doesn’t get wet.  An old disposable pancho works fine.

You don’t need your fancy home stroller for Disney (in fact i would recommend against bulky strollers), but bare minimum for a baby is a reclining umbrella stroller with 5 point restraints.


Disney will provide cribs and pack-n-plays for no charge.  All Disney hotel rooms have refrigerators.  There is at least one pool in each resort.

There is no charge for kids staying in the room with their parents at Disney resorts.


All the Disney hotels have some type of dining option onsite.

The best Disney hotel for babies are the value resorts.  They are the most compact hotel and the most kid friendly dining.

Disney's Pop Century Resort
Disney’s Pop Century Resort


I hope you enjoyed my tips on taking a baby to Disney World.

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What do you think of the above tips?  Do you have tips on visiting Disney with a baby?  Leave your comments below.

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