The Top Five Walt Disney World Attractions for Toddlers


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Hi everyone.  It’s Tyler here from  Guess what!  I just got back from Disney World ( for my 3rd birthday.  It was so exciting.  Now I’ve been to Disney in the past, but this trip was probably the first that I was able to fully interact with everything that Disney has to offer.  We went to all 4 parks at Disney World and we did every ride and attraction they would let me on.  So without further delay, the Top Five Walt Disney World Attractions for toddlers.

Winnie the Pooh

A short, bouncy, colorful ride through the world of Winnie and his friends.  One of my favorites.  I must have rode it a dozen times.

Tyler on Triceratops Spin



The quintessential Disney ride.  It’s simple but loads of fun for a young toddler.  There are a few different variants scattered throughout the parks.

Tyler on Mad Tea Party Ride
Tyler on Mad Tea Party Ride



I made mom go on this over and over and she got so dizzy.  But I was laughing and giggling every time.

Jungle Cruise

Even though I knew the animals were not real, I still loved pointing out everything and asking what all the things were.

Disney Junior

A live show featuring all your favorite Disney Junior characters, including Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Kilimanjaro Safari

A fun animal viewing through the Animal Kingdom.  You’ll get to see giraffes, lions, elephants, hippos, rhinos and dozens of other cool animals.

Tyler on Kilimanjaro Safari
Tyler on Kilimanjaro Safari



So that’s it.  The Top Five Walt Disney World Attractions for toddlers.

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What do you think of the above list?  What are your favorite toddler attractions at Disney World?  Leave your comments below.

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  1. Most of the dark rides are pretty fun for toddlers. A few like Pirates or the Great Movie Ride may have some scary elements

    1. I agree. Most people think that all the dark rides are child friendly, but they can be loud and scary at times.

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