Top NOT Disney Attractions


Top NOT Disney Attractions

Hi everyone.  It’s Tyler here from  So you’ve probably been reading my articles about our recent Disney trip, including my top Disney attractions for toddlers and my Hollywood Studios Review.  Today I’m going to tell you about my Top NOT Disney Attractions for Toddlers (

Carousel is a Good toddler attraction


Unfortunately, most of the stage shows are not suitable for toddlers.  They are either too long, too scary (fireworks or scary portions), or incomprehensible to toddlers.  A notable exception would be the Disney Junior show at Hollywood Studios.

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Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse (Magic Kingdom)

A multi-story treehouse with hundreds of steps.  Not a good attraction when dealing with a clumsy toddler who is likely to tire at the very top and require carrying all the way down.

Tyler and Parents at Hollywood Studios
Tyler and Parents at Hollywood Studios


International Village (EPCOT)

It might be really cool for adults (my mom loves it) but it’s not that interesting for toddlers.  There are not many attractions in this area to keep a child’s attention, and the dining options may be uninviting for toddlers.




Boneyard (Animal Kingdom)

It sounds like a good idea on the surface.  Let the kids burn off some steam running around a huge play area.  Unfortunately, the Boneyard is huge and has multiple levels, making it a chore to keep track of your kid.  It also gets really, really hot.

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Any gift shop

There’s a reason that every ride ends in a gift shop.  It’s hard not to give into a child throwing a tantrum.  While it’s impossible to avoid all the gift shops, set expectations early and often with your toddler.

Teacups Ride
Teacups Ride, another good choice for a Toddler

“Dark” dark rides

Most of the dark rides are fine for kids, but some (like Haunted Mansion or Pirates of the Caribbean) feature scary scenes or loud noises that can scare young children.


Overall, Disney World is a great place for toddlers.  Just be careful to avoid the Top NOT Attractions and you’ll have a great time.

What toddler doesn’t enjoy swimming?

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