Taking a Toddler to French Quarter Fest


Intro – Taking a Toddler to French Quarter Fest

Hi everyone.  It’s Tyler here from TheTravelingToddler.com.  So if you’ve been following our social media accounts this past April, you noticed that we spent a day at the French Quarter Fest. 

So you’re probably wondering how you can have a great time at French Quarter Fest.  So that’s the topic of today’s post: Taking a Toddler to French Quarter Fest (https://fqfi.org/) in New Orleans (https://www.neworleans.com/)

Tyler and Mom waiting for the streetcar to get to French Quarter Fest


French Quarter Festival is one of the premier free music festivals in the entire country.  It features local artists who perform music endemic to Louisiana, including jazz, blues, and zydeco. 

In addition, the French Quarter Festival is also advertised as the “World’s Largest Jazz Brunch” as it features dozens of local restaurants featuring many of their famous Cajun and Creole favorites.


Typically occurs over a 4 day weekend in April. 



As indicated in the name, the French Quarter Festival is located in the historic French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Parking in the French Quarter can be a hassle during the event, as road closure, pedestrian traffic, and limited parking availability all come into play. 

My recommendation is to park near the Convention Center in the adjacent Warehouse District, and take the Riverfront Streetcar to the festivities. 

Tyler eating M&Ms


Admission to most events is free.  There are a few ticketed events with an admission fee, but you won’t miss out on anything sticking to just the free events.

You do obviously have to pay for food at the booths.  Most of the items are around $5-$10.




It’s not called the “world’s large jazz brunch” for no reason.  Dozens of New Orlean’s best restaurants feature their famous dishes in wallet friendly, snackable portions.  Picky eaters may want to bring their own food, but there’s likely something for everyone.


Music from all across Louisiana is the main attraction.  Over a dozen stages of music all day long.  Just set up your chairs or roll out your blanket in front or your favorite stage, or walk from stage to stage catching your favorite performers. 

Tyler and Mom dancing at French Quarter Fest


There are usually some kid-specific activities every year.  Just take a look at the festival map to see what’s offered.  Typical activities include making cotton candy, face painting, crafts, and dance lessons.


It’s a great event for the whole family.  It might be a little hot, crowded, and noisy for the really young ones but most toddlers will have a blast.  Bring chairs, mosquito repellant, and some shade. 

Tyler eating Catfish and Dirty Rice

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If you can’t make it to French Quarter Festival, never fear.  New Orleans is home to numerous free festivals throughout the year, including Satchmo Summerfest, Oyster Festival, Creole Tomato Festival, Cajan Zydeco Festival, and the biggest one of all, Mardi Gras!

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Have you ever visited French Quarter Festival?  Do you have any tips?  Leave your comments below.