Quick Parenting Tip – How to use a Benbat Yummigo combination booster seat and diaper bag


Intro to Using a Benbat Yummigo 

It’s Tyler here from TheTravelingToddler.comI think one of the hardest things about raising a toddler is the number of items you need to carry around.  So today I’m going to give you one of my top parenting tips: How to use a Yummigo combination diaper bag and booster seat.

Yummigo Booster Seat and Storage Case
Yummigo Booster Seat and Storage Case


I’ve had the Yummigo since I’ve been able to sit up.  My mom actually saw someone with one at Sam’s Club and she bought ours from Amazon that same day.

We have received at least a dozen questions from other curious parents.  Our only regret is that we didn’t invent it ourselves!


At first glance, the Yummigo looks like a hard carrying case.  I can hear you already:  “It’s a case.  What’s the big deal?”  The big deal is that the storage component is only a side benefit.

The main point of the Yummigo is that is doubles as a booster seat!  The seat attaches easily to most any chair and boosts toddlers in restaurants, auditoriums, or basically anywhere your toddler needs to sit up a little bit and you don’t have access to (or don’t want to use) a generic booster seat or high chair.

Cost and Availability

We bought ours on Amazon Prices range depending on the design from $30 to $50.  It’s also available at Walmart.com as well.

If you have Amazon Prime, the items ships for free, and ours was here in a few days.  With Walmart, 2 day shipping is free with $35 or more purchase.



We’ve spoken a lot about the booster seat aspect of the Yummigo, but the device also serves as a great storage case. 

In mine, we’re able to put a pack of wipes, 5 diapers, 2 juice boxes, 4 gummy snacks, and a change of clothes.  It’s truly a dual purpose device. 

As far as the booster seat element, we’ve used it more times than we can think of in restaurants and auditoriums.  Why use another person’s dirty booster seat or high chair when you can simply carry one around.

In fact, this item is safer than your typical generic booster seat because the Yummigo has straps that attach to the chair and straps that buckle in your toddler. 

Another plus is that it’s made of durable, but lightweight plastic, so carrying it around all day is no problem.


We are on our second one, so I feel the durability is pretty good considering this is an item we use almost every day.  One of the straps broke on our first one, but that was after about one and a half years of near constant use.

The shell of the device is really durable.  I’m over 30 pounds and the shell (the part you sit on) has never cracked or buckled.


The Yummigo only has a 3 point harness for securing your toddler to the seat.  For really safety conscious parents, that might be an area of concern as 3 point harnesses are not as safe as 5 point harnesses.  

You might want to consider a device with a 5 point harness if you have young infants who are not able to fully support themselves when sitting.

However, an older child that can sit upright without support should be able to use the Yummigo without danger.

Tyler enjoying lunch while sitting on Yummigo
Tyler enjoying lunch while sitting on Yummigo


Another issue is the weight limitation of the seat.  The seat is designed to hold up to 45 pounds.  Right now, I’m only 30 pounds, and I don’t think I’ll hit 45 pounds anytime soon, so I could potentially get a few more years out of my Yummigo.

However, your kid may weigh more than me, so you may not get as many years of use as I have.


Today’s parenting tip is easy:  Get a Yummigo!  The Yummigo is not only one of our travel essentials, it’s one of our daily essentials.  It’s a perfect combination product to grab as you’re running out of the house.

The storage case is large enough for an afternoon’s worth of activities while the booster seat means you won’t have to put up with dirty high chairs when you’re out.

It’s $30 well spent on a product that will last you for years.

Well, I hope that my Yummigo review has convinced you that a Yummigo should be part of your every day routine.

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