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It’s Tyler here with TheTravelingToddler.com.  I hope you’ve been enjoying my articles on Balboa Park and Cabrillo National Monument.

Today we’re going to go about an hour north of Los Angeles and talk about Channel Islands National Park.




Channel Islands National Park consists of 5 islands off the coast of Southern California. 

View of Channel Islands from the Visitor’s Center


While there are two visitors centers accessible by car, most of the National Park is only accessible by boat or plane.

Because of the relative isolation of the islands and lack of development, there are many unique flora and fauna on the islands.

Visitor’s Center in Ventura



The two Visitor’s Centers are located in Ventura and Santa Barbara.  Both contain exhibits about the history and ecology of the Channel Islands.




There are no fees to visit the park, but 3rd party vendors do charge for boat or plane rides to the various islands.


Tyler and Mom with one of the exhibits


Please be aware that the islands themselves remain primitive, with essentially no modern facilities available.  That being said, many people enjoy hiking, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and camping on the islands.



There are National Park Passport Stamps located at the Visitor’s Centers.

Inside the Visitor Center


Unfortunately, this is not a park that is well suited for toddlers.  Getting to the islands is a chore, requiring either a boat or plane ride, and there are no services or activities on the island appealing to toddlers.


While I love national parks, unfortunately Channel Islands is not a park that’s well suited for toddlers.

Traveling to the islands requires a long boat or plane ride, and the area is fairly remote and primitive.

In addition, many of the activities that people partake in, such as hiking and snorkeling, aren’t well suited for toddlers.

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